El Salvador


The following websites, movies and articles provide more information about CIS and the struggles of the poor in El Salvador.

  • CIS El Salvador - Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad

(Center for Exchange and Solidarity):



  • Hearing The Cry of the Poor – The Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador




  • Mosenor: The Last Journey of Oscar Romero

This movie (DVD) can be checked out from the Parish Office


Synopsis: In El Salvador in the late Seventies, one man was the voice of the poor, the disenfranchised, and the Disappeared - all struggling under the corrupt Salvadoran government. Appointed Archbishop in early 1977, Monseñor Óscar Romero worked tirelessly and in constant personal peril until the day he was assassinated in March 1980.

Romero broke off ties with the military and aligned himself with the poor, delivering messages of hope in weekly sermons which became national events. Encouraging direct action against oppression, Romero's speaking impacted political events in El Salvador that still have meaning to this day.

With rare recordings and film footage from Romero's own collection and a wide range of interviews from those whose lives were changed by Archbishop Romero, including church activists, human rights lawyers, former guerrilla fighters and politicians, Monseñor: The Last Journey of Óscar Romero is a timely portrait of one individual's quest to speak truth to the rich and powerful forces which dominated his government.


Support provided by St. Elizabeth to date:

  • Scholarships: Since 2013, St. Elizabeth parishioners have donated over $28,000, therefore providing scholarships for 21 university students, 15 high school students and 34 grade school students.


  • Delegation from El Salvador: In 2014, Leslie Schuld from CIS accompanied Yeni and Miriam, two scholarship students supported by St. Elizabeth. During their visit, they did a wonderful job of creating awareness of the plight of the poor in El Salvador and the programs developed by CIS to address the problem. In total, they spoke publically over 17 times in less than a week!


  • Water filters: The families of all scholarship students in the Romero community were given both a water filter and training on how to use the water filter. One $75 water filter provides a family with clean water for 10 years. Since utilizing the water filters, the families have experience less absenteeism from work and school due to intestinal sickness caused by contaminated water.


  • Notes and Christmas Cards: Last year, our 4th & 5th grade students made cards and notes that were delivered to our El Salvadoran scholarship students.
  • Extra Educational Supplies – To support the tutoring programs led by our scholarship students, additional funding was provided to purchase items such as chairs, fold-up tables, hard back arithmetic books, and even a printer and power point projector.