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Athletics - Main


My name is Kevin Switzer and I am the new Athletic Director.  I am very excited about my new position and look forward to the challenge.  I have three daughters at St. Elizabeth, one in 4th grade, 1st grade and Pre K, and I attended St. Elizabeth myself, along with my three brothers.   We have a great committee this year with some experienced faces and new faces to help grow the athletic program.  The 2015-2016 Athletic Committee is made up of Steve Weaver, Tiffany Fatino, Susan Liston, Josh Brewster, Nelson Young, Mary Werner, Jeff Baker, and Cale Doornbos.

I am going to try my best to only send e-mails to the grades that the information pertains to, so please make sure you read all e-mails you receive.  We will have the same volunteer system that we used last year.  Grades will be assigned weeks to run the concession stand and work the gate.  You will know at the beginning of the season your grade’s weeks to work so you can sign up early.  I will also be sending out surveys this year and will try to keep them short and easy.  I feel this is the best way you can let us know what you like and dislike so we can see what is working.

Here is the important stuff.

1.    We will have a firm cut-off date for registration and will not allow kids to sign up after these dates.  As always, If you have a problem with paying to play a sport please let us know as soon as possible and we will make arrangements so your child can play.  Remember, anO child that wants to play sports will be turned away for financial reasons.  With that said, we still need you to still sign up so we have an accurate count of all kids that want to participate in a given sport.  We are implementing this change because if we can get an early, accurate count of the number of kids that are planning to play a sport, then we can make sure we have the proper number of coaches, assign gym times, figure out the number of teams we are going to have and determine how much equipment is needed.  Put simply, we believe IT will make the beginning of the season run much smoother.  I understand that sometimes kids change their minds once they get around their friends, but this is one rule that we will stand firm on, so please talk to your kids early and sign up before the deadline for registration.

2.    This year we want to ensure that the kids playing sports at St. Elizabeth are planning on 100% participation in and dedication to the sport they are committing to at St. E.  It has been our experience the last couple of years that some kids are signing up for teams and either not coming to practices and/or are missing games.  We understand that there are times when your child is sick, has a family or school function or needs to get their school work completed. However, unless it there are health problems, family obligations, school work or school functions, we really need to have kids participating in St. Elizabeth athletics show up for games and practices. In the end, IT is not fair to coaches and teammates when a player does not show up to practices or games on a consistent basis.      

In closing I would just like to say how excited I am to be a part of this program.  The committee would like to thank everyone in advance for the dedication and commitment to the athletic program this year.  We couldn’t do this without the support from the school families and the kids.  

We offer the following sports teams:

  • Girls Volleyball for grades 3-8 (4/5 grades evenly split teams, 6-8 grades players A & B split teams)
  • Boys Tackle Football for grades 5-8
  • Boys Flag Football for grades 3 & 4
  • Cross Country boys and girls grades 4-8
  • Intramural Flag Football for boys and girls grades K-2



  • Boys & Girls Basketball for grades 4-8(4/5 grades evenly split teams, 6-8 grades players A & B split teams)
  • Intramural Basketball boys & girls 2-3 grade
  • Track & Field for grades 4-8


2015-2016 Athletic Committee:

  • Kevin Switzer - Athletic Director
  • Susan Liston - Secretary
  • Steve Weaver - Treasurer
  • Nelson Young - Football Coordinator
  • Mary Werner - Volleyball Coordinator
  • Kevin Switzer - Cross Country/Track Coordinator
  • Jeff Baker - Boys Basketball Coordinator
  • Kevin Switzer/Tiffany Elliott-Fatino - Girls Basketball Coordinator
  • Josh Brewster - Intramural Coordinator
  • Cale Doornbos - Concessions
  • Byron Gajewski - School Board Rep.

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