The celebration of the rite of Baptism for infants is preceded by a period of preparation for the parents. Parents should contact the Parish Ministry Center to arrange a time to attend a Baptism class prior to the anticipated date of Baptism.

The parish prepares second graders for this Sacrament by involving the entire family. First Reconciliation is celebrated in the fall.

The Parish also prepares second graders for this Sacrament by involving the entire family. First Eucharist is in the spring.

Confirmation is the reaffirmation of an individual's Baptismal commitment and is one of the three Sacraments of Initiation. The Sacrament is ordinarily conferred as announced in the parish bulletin. Our Diocese confirms individuals who are in high school and who have completed a discernment process of no less than one year. For members of St. Elizabeth Parish, the discernment process begins no earlier than the second semester of the sophomore year in high school (individuals are then Confirmed in the second semester of the junior year). Our goal at St. Elizabeth is to lead candidates to an experiential awareness of the Holy Spirit, through teachings, witness, and spiritual exercise. To reach that goal, we provide sessions to increase the candidate's relationship with God and to enable the candidate to experience a sense of, and know the importance of, community. 

Volunteers are needed to assist the Confirmation Coordinator with various aspects of our Confirmation program for high school students.

Erin Kiekbusch 
[email protected]

Couples who wish to be married at St. Elizabeth should contact the Parish Ministry Center eight to twelve months prior to the anticipated wedding date to register for the parish marriage preparation program and to reserve the church for the wedding ceremony.

Marriage Preparation: lead couples work with engaged couples to assist in the marriage preparation process. Training is required.

Fr. Haskamp
[email protected]

Contact the Parish Ministry Center to make an appointment for anointing if you are anticipating surgery or have an extended illness. Seasonal anointings are offered for the elderly.


When a Catholic member of your family dies, you may contact the Parish Ministry Center or a particular priest directly to arrange the funeral Mass and Wake Service. You may also make arrangements through the funeral director.

Contact the Parish Office to find out more information on Sacraments.