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  • Thanksgiving 2015
  • Thank you to all the awesome community at St. E! What an amazing village to be raising kids in! 


    I am thankful for St. E because of the way it's helped shape my boys and for the good friends I've made.


    Saint Elizabeth’s is my family.  This special Church is where I am blessed to be most often. I see the face of God in these great people who welcome me with their smiles and caring ways. It’s the perfect Church for me: Deacon Mike teaches me every week, my special friends hug me after Mass, and the Pastor loves dogs as much as I do. Thank you each for making me so thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!


    I am grateful to be part of the legacy of faith at St. Elizabeth. To stand in the long line of great people who have preceded us--parishioners, staff members, teachers, pastors and associates--leaves me honored and humbled.  I am grateful to be called to continue what is so strong and good for the Waldo community, Kansas City, our diocese, our church and our world.


    Quote that means a lot to me is: "This is the day the LORD has made, let us be glad and rejoice!"  


    Great school, loving parish, supportive community: this is St. Elizabeth. We are so lucky to be a part of everything St. Elizabeth has to offer. We are better people and a better family for it.


    I’ve been at St. Elizabeth for almost 40 years. I just love it. I like the ritual of the Catholic Mass. I found STE to be such a warm and welcoming community with such a prayerful atmosphere. It has such a great school. Even though we don’t have children, I still want to support the school because of the wonderful things they are doing. It’s just a good place to be.


    Saint Elizabeth's has been part of  our family for 40+ years. It is part of my heart.


    I am thankful for the family of St. Elizabeth! It truly is a blessing to have such a wonderful group of people that feel like home! Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am grateful for the powerful and simple ways that the people of St. Elizabeth recognize and celebrate Christ present -- here and now -- at 75th and Main.  Today's parish members carry on the vision of our founding members and generations of predecessors in real and meaningful ways.  Thank you!


    Every Sunday at St. Elizabeth’s is a very vivid reminder as to how grateful I am for my family being fortunate enough to be a part of this great community. Certainly I’m a rich man…rich in happiness, rich in friendships and rich in God’s blessing on us. We are truly thankful for the St. Elizabeth’s Community. 


    I am thankful to be a part of the St. Elizabeth's community because for the first time in over twenty years I feel like I belong to a church family again. When we moved back to KC two years ago, we joined this community and were welcomed with open arms. And my children and I have made such great bonds with the people of St. Elizabeth's.


    I am grateful to be a part of this community because people accept me for who I am and don't tease me for the things I do differently.



    I am grateful to be a part of the St. Elizabeth community because I am accepted for WHO I am not for WHAT I am or could do for others.  


    I'm really grateful to belong to the St. Elizabeth community for two reasons, first the people here are among the best folks you would ever want to know, parents, teachers, co-workers and especially students and second, every day is an opportunity - to grow closer to God, learn something new, pray, laugh, sometimes cry - and be a better person because of this great place! 


    The amazing support I received when my husband died suddenly.  As my parents said, "I didn't know they did things like that in the big city".


    Thanks to my caring Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) team 2 sisters for all of their support over the past 5 years. I am so grateful for each and every one of you.


    I am grateful for the St. Elizabeth Parish community for 47 years experiencing family.  It was in this family that I first experienced being church.


    I am so thankful to be working in an environment with such wonderful children and supportive families. I can truly say I have loved each and every one of my students! 


    Our family has been blessed for 47 years to be St. Elizabeth parishioners. "Blessed" best describes the caring, supportive and spiritually enriched environment of our community that has touched our lives in so many ways.  We are so grateful to be a part of this parish family.


    I'm so grateful for my CHRP sisters. They're just part of what makes St. Elizabeth such a blessing for me.


    My wife and I are grateful to be part of the St. Elizabeth’s community because the members of the community, both clergy and laity, continually inspire us through their words and actions to love God and each other without reservation and with selflessness and humility.


    St. Elizabeth's is an anchor in the neighborhood which keeps our community strong and vibrant!


    My wife asked me to go through RCIA last year because she was concerned that I might feel like an outsider by not being Catholic. The fact is that in 23 years I have never once felt like an outsider. As an aside, Deacon Mike is a blessing to St. Elizabeth. Everyone can learn something from his RCIA classes.


    I am thankful for 35 years, and counting, of being part of this wonderful family of priests, administrators, teachers and families. Our family has been forever blessed.


    I am thankful for Fr. Greg, our parish staff, and our school staff. The St. Elizabeth campus seems like a constant state of vibrant activity. So much good stuff!


    I am thankful for our outstanding school administrators. They work endlessly to set and help our school staff and children reach ever higher goals for education and spirituality. I know there would be no St. E's school like the one our children experience each day without these leaders. God Bless them!


    I am thankful for the amazing 'village' of families that helped us raise our kids in such a loving, caring Christ centered environment


    I am thankful for Christ Renews His Parish because it brings parishioners together who form meaningful and lasting friendships. It creates community amongst all the different segments of the parish community.


    I adore the diversity that exists at St. Elizabeth, but even more I adore that it doesn't matter to anyone.


    A perfectly comfortable, welcoming place open to all.


    I am grateful for a safe and happy school and parish environment that nourishes healthy happy kids


    I'm grateful that the parents are so cool, because with two boys, St E parents are my only social life, so it'd be a real bummer if they weren't such a great, fun group of people!


    I'm thankful for all of STE teachers and staff. Thank you for working so hard to make school a great second home for our kids.


    I'm grateful to be a part of the St Elizabeth's community because it's an entire community full of friends, fun and faith!


    There's no place like the St. Elizabeth's community. I am so very grateful for all of its members they bring so much joy to my life. My family is very fortunate to have the teachers, parents, kids, coaches, and members of our church as a part of our lives. It truly takes a village and I couldn't think of a more perfect one to be part of!







    We have had so many times that other parents (or even grandparents or older siblings) of our kids' classmates have gone out of their way to watch over and support our children. There is always someone there to lend a hand, a ride, a jacket, a favor or sometimes just a smile of encouragement. We have learned more from this community's generosity ourselves than our kids can even comprehend yet.  We are thankful for that support and love.


    I'm grateful for my St. E community, which I'm lucky to be a part of.

    It's my faith community: helping me grow spiritually as I question, pray, sing, worship, and walk my journey.

    It's my friend community: guaranteeing a good time at Fish Fry's, Trivia Nights, basketball games, gathering parties, and more.

    It's my family community: celebrating together, picking up a kid when I'm tied up, providing comfort during sickness, love during loss.

    It's my home, always beckoning, always welcoming, no matter how long I've been away

    We are grateful for St E's for many reasons. The support, love and kindness from the entire community has helped us get through moments in our lives when we didn't know what our next step could or would be. Thank you for everything you have done and still do for us. We are truly blessed.