Smoking 'n Waldo

Smoking 'n Waldo



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Congratulations to SMOKING ON A PRAYER Grand Champion of Smoking 'n Waldo 8




Smoking ‘n Waldo Mission Statement:
“To provide St. Elizabeth Community with a social event that promotes fun, family, friendship and partnership with the Waldo Community through a barbecue contest that is not focused on fundraising.”



A great weekend of Family, Friendship, Music and BBQ. The Waldo and Brookside Communities are welcome to come and enjoy the sweet smell of BBQ, and enjoy the festivities. This is a parish BBQ contest and to compete each team must have a St. Elizabeth parishioner. Last year we had 36 competing teams.

  • Friday night each team is welcome to host a party in their tent. "Smoker's Selection" is where every team will cook up a snack to share with the public a little friendly competition on who has the best party food. If you are not competing, you are welcome to check out the tent parties and visit friends between 6 pm and 12:00 pm. A band  will play for your entertainment.  Beverages will be available for a donation.  We will have an adult atmosphere Friday evening 6:00-12:00 pm, so Friday night will remain kid free.  After 12 pm everyone but team members need to be off grounds.  We will have security enforcing these hours.
  • Saturday is serious cooking and many of the teams will have been cooking for hours overnight. The grounds open to the public at 11 am with kid's activities and much more. This year we will have face painting, a kid's band, magician, Kona Ice and a game truck. We will have a food truck serving delicious food for lunch and dinner from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm.
  • Competition turn-ins of meat to judges will start 2:30 pm and run until 4:00.  Please give teams space during this time to focus on the competition.  
  • Awards will be announced around 6:30 pm.
  • We are encouraging a family atmosphere during the day Saturday.
  • There will be no drinking out of glass, please use cans or plastic cups at the BBQ!

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This year's contest will include 4 meats categories; ribs, pork (butt), chicken and brisket. Teams will prepare their entries to be judged. They have to turn in all 4 to be in the running for Grand Champion.  

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